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Advertise in DOPE Pages


Would you like to reach both consumer and business audiences across the US cannabis community and beyond?


Increase your visibility while gaining instant credibility, target new customers and drive traffic to your website - these are just a few of the reasons to advertise in DOPE Pages.


DOPE Pages is the official business resource and guide used by consumers, business owners and their audiences at large across the USA. Advertising benefits include:  



Drive traffic to your site. Fueled by social media traffic and the growing curiosity and demand, advertising in DOPE Pages drives traffic to your site from the people who matter. Sponsorships and thought-leader contributions are also available to help you solidify appreciation for your products and services, while helping educate readers.



Build credibility and establish your brand. By 2021, all of the state-legal marijuana markets combined will make for a potential overall market worth over $20 billion annually - be a frontrunner and seize the opportunity to reach an ever-increasing population of consumers and business owners who spend time with our publication on a regular basis to keep themselves informed. Invest in an marketing opportunity that is guaranteed to triple in three years - a claim that no other advertising medium can boast.



Maximize the value of your ad budget. Advertising in DOPE Pages is the most cost-effective way of achieving the greatest reach for your advertisement budget, showcasing your company and your message across the USA - with no membership dues or initiation fees. Ask us about our Top 10 Programs, early bird special deals and complimentary upgrades!


Available online in Flash and PDF as well as on mobile apps for iPhone and Android, DOPE Pages is a dynamic, social-media enabled and searchable directory, designed to provide maximum visibility. We encourage you to use it as a connection to your next customer — and we encourage you to reciprocate by doing business with fellow cannabis companies appearing in this publication.


The directory is distributed via our extensive network, reaching the increasingly growing cannabis community, with both local and non-local consumers and businesses who turn to DOPE Pages for information about doing business and use it to reach new retailers and partners. The directory is open and freely accessible to the general public, including the states who already have legalized retail marijuana.


Power in Numbers: DOPE Reach and Demographics


150,000 business readers each month


46 percent of readers are senior management for mid-size companies


48 percent of readers “frequently purchase products or services from ads” seen in our publications


49 percent of readers are between 35 and 54 years of age


55 percent male 45 percent female reader demographic

  bullet The legal cannabis industry spending will triple up to over $20 Billion dollars within 3 years


Do you think this might be useful for your business?


Please contact us today to request our latest ad specials and guidelines and we will be happy to assist. Don’t miss this opportunity for increased exposure, reach and retention of your marketing!